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“I had the privilege of meeting Gabor and getting to go around Gettysburg. He gave it a life and a resonance I can’t begin to express. It brought tears to my eyes by the time we finished at Little Round Top.

“He just brings it to life.”

He knows the people, the participants, as though they were personal friends. He just brings it to life. It’s an incredible experience. I was so thrilled with it that when my law-school class had its fiftieth reunion,I suggested that they come to Washington and make a trip to Gettysburg.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the group. Again he worked his magic.”

Gabor helped me arrange that trip to Gettysburg. The weather was terrible. We had snow that day, but it didn’t matter; everyone went out with him. We went up to Little Round Top in the snow and the ice, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the group by the time we left. Again he worked his magic.”

In 1981,O’Connor became the first woman named to the United States Supreme Court.