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“It was very exciting to meet him for the first time. I knew he was a great Lincoln scholar. I knew that he was Hungarian.

“Says a huge amount about America”

I’d never met anyone before who had embraced the American ideal in an historic way,as well as in the personal way,as Gabor. The idea that this child of Nazism and Communism should have come here and taken on Lincoln as an intellectual exercise—and as ultimately a loving experience—says a huge amount about America. It says a lot about Gabor,but it says a huge amount about America.

“You know you’ve had a very rich experience”

Anyone from Hungary knows what conquest and war is all about. That he should have become a Civil War – Lincoln scholar is very special. He’s a very good guide of the battlefield. He’s a little relentless at times. I think this goes with being an historian. But when you leave Gabor’s companyto go on to some other pursuit in life,you know you’ve had a very rich experience.”

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