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People who come to this country from distant lands are able to see things more acutely and with more vividness. Gabor is one such person who came to this country from a totalitarian regime, who escaped literally with his life and little more. he found a country with ncredible traditions of freedom and liberty that has been protected over generations

I think it Gabor's case - his connection wasn't just an intellectual connection but a visceral connection with a country and its people. At an early time in his life he met throught the pages of history Abraham Lincoln and then by living here he met the land that became so crucial in the shaping of our country. So I found in Gabor someone very connected to this people and to this place and who's become as much, if not more, of a citizen rooted in this fantastic country then any of us who were born here.

We are a society where almost anything can happen that can be dreamed of. If you've got a vision, if you've got an idea, if you're willing to put in the time and hard work and endure disapointment and practice patience you can do things. It's an open society, perhaps the most open society in the world. As Kilrain says in the Killer Angels when he's on the hill with Joshua Chamberlain " You're not judged by who your father was, but on yourself, on who you can be. But no matter where we start, no matter what our position is in life, we can maker ourselves into the people we dream to be and want to be. It's not easy. It's harder for some then for others. Some people have a head start. Some people don't. But more is possible here then any other place on earth. That is why people want to come here. That is why people want to build their lives here.