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Audience & Distribution

Budapest to Gettysburg will reach a national audience. A varied domestic and international distribution strategy will include festivals, theatrical, television, home video, educational markets, community organizations, libraries, catalogs and the Internet. Preliminary conversations have already begun with several potential distributors. When the program is more fully developed, more distributors and broadcasters will be approached. Filmmaker Ken Burns, creator of the highest-rated shows ever to air on PBS, has offered to present the project to PBS at an appropriate time. The finished film will be 82:30 long, suited for both theatrical distribution and broadcast on public television. An hour-long version may also be produced, if necessary, for broadcast.

“Ken Burns has offered to present the project to PBS.”

The documentary is intended to reach beyond the U.S. to an international audience. Networks in Europe that may show the program include the BBC and the Duna TV satellite network, which caters to Hungarian populations all over the world. Potentially, this film could have a theatrical run both here and abroad. Documentaries have done extremely well over the past two years. The recent success of films like My Architect and Fog of War is a promising sign for a work like Budapest to Gettysburg. This film, coupled with an educational outreach program, could reach many immigrants and help them learn about a crucial chapter of American history via a fellow immigrant’s story. Finally, the film will have a life on video as both an educational tool and as entertainment.

This film will be of interest to a general audience because it deals with broad themes that are important to many people. The immigrant drive to reach “the American dream” is tightly woven into the fabric of American identity. Gabor overcomes the adversity of his youth and rises to fulfill his potential. In this film, he will confront demons of his past and attempt to reconcile them with his present. Subjects of wide-scale interest include Lincoln, the Civil War, World War II, the Cold War and the Holocaust. It is also likely that this film will find an international audience, especially with Hungary’s recent arrival in the E.U. The film can piggyback on awareness roused by the upcoming 1956 Revolution anniversary, a major new Civil War museum in Gettysburg and the upcoming Lincoln Bicentennial. Community-specific marketing will reach niches as far-reaching as Civil War re-enactors and New Jersey and Ohio’s large Hungarian populations.