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The Gettysburg Story (In production for national public television broadcast 2013)mpt

    "The Gettysburg Story" dramatically tells the history of the greatest battle fought on American soil using stunning high definition aerial and time lapse cinematography. It is narrated by acclaimed actor Stephen Lang (Avatar Terra Nova,, Conan the Barbarian, Tombstone, Gettysburg.) The program begins in June, 1863 with the start of the Gettysburg campaign in Virginia, follows the route of the Confederate and Union armies as they move north along the Blue Ridge, into Maryland, across the Mason-Dixon line to meet on the rolling grounds surrounding the small Pennsylvania town. Produced with the cooperation of the 6,000 acre Gettysburg National Military Park, the battle story comes alive visually. Dynamic, evocative, breathtaking aerial imagery of legendary places of the battlefield – Little Round Top, Devils Den, The Railroad Cut, Cemetery Ridge, The Valley of Death, the fields of Pickett's Charge – visually tell the epic Gettysburg Story like no other film before. The films finishes in November on Cemetery Hill where Lincoln delivered his nation-changing Gettysburg Address. Lang's powerful performance tells the story of the men and women who's lives are changed forever upon the ground of Gettysburg - and change the course of a young nation. The story is driven by the actions and words of heroes like Lincoln, Lee, Meade, Longstreet, Chamberlain, Hancock and lesser known characters including Jennie Wade, Basil Biggs, Sallie Myers, Patrick Taylor, George Hillyer – common soldiers, local women, African-Americans and others – who saw and did the unimaginable. Civil War era music reinterpreted with 21st century sensibility and technology and a dramatic and evocative sound mix makes the vicious battle come alive. Motion graphic animations dynamically and efficiently explain troop movements and military strategies employed in the battle. The history and the land speaks in this unique visual and aural interpretation of "The Gettysburg Story."    
    Gettysburg Story: Misty Round Tops    

The Gettysburg Story - Battlefield Auto Tour (2010)

    This brand new audio tour and guide presents a gripping journey through the Gettysburg Battlefield following the official National Park Auto Tour route. It is based on the works of renowned historian and author, Gabor Boritt. For over thirty years, Boritt has given battlefield tours to luminaries ranging from Moses (aka Charlton Heston) to the President of the United States - and many others. Now this unique experience is brought to thousands more by acclaimed actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Gods & Generals, Tombstone, Gettysburg). It is written and produced by Jake Boritt. For new visitors and buffs alike, Lang's stunning performance brings alive the story of the battle and Lincoln's nation-changing address.   Listen to audio segments below.    
    Gettysburg Story    
Invasion! The Wheatfield (Stop 9) Excerpt The High Water Mark (Stop 15) Excerpt

Cooking to Live (2009) | Video featuring music by K'NaanUnited Nations COP15UNHCR logo



Cooking to Live (2009) | Short Film UN logo Project Gaia Logo


Cooking to Live | A film by Jake Boritt for Project Gaia (22 min) from Jake Boritt on Vimeo.


Cooking like never before, refugees lives are transformed thanks by a simple stove. This video features "Wavin' Flag" by hip-hop star K'naan and is directed by filmmaker Jake Boritt. This film premiered at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15). Project Gaia is bringing an energy revolution to the developing world. Every day thousands of people become ill or die from inhaling the polluting smoke of indoor cooking fires. Project Gaia is part of a global initiative to develop and promote clean-cooking alcohol stoves and fuels for people living in poverty.


Boy Scouts of Harlem: 759 (2009) | Trailer for feature documentary mptSchomburg

    Broadcast Nationally on Public Television    
    Be prepared to be amazed as Scout Troop 759 heads from the streets of Harlem to the woods of Camp Keowa. Eleven year old new scout Keith Dozier spends his first week at camp facing the challenges of the woods - the dock test in the deep dark lake, creepy creatures of the night, the daunting climbing tower, the raucous dining hall and the seductive Siberian sirens in the kitchen. With help from his fellow scouts K.C., Devon and Manny and wise Scoutmaster Sowah, young Keith faces the challenges and earns his place as a Scout. Broacast nationally on public television during the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in 2010. For the DVD and more information visit:    

Harlem 11/4/08 - Obama Wins! | Rough cut scenes from work in progresss documentary film


Harlem 11/4 - Obama Wins documentary film from Jake Boritt on Vimeo.


On November 4, 2008 Americans elected Barack Obama as the President of the United States: the first black president. It is a historic day. Perhaps nowhere is it more historic then in Harlem, the capital of black America. Twenty documentary filmmakers filmed a portrait of the neighborhood on this "greatest day in Harlem. This film is currently a work in progress. We are looking for fundng to complete the film.


Budapest to Gettysburg (2007) | Trailer for feature documentary filmIFP logo Independent Film Week

    BUDAPEST TO GETTYSBURG is a riveting tale of love, hate, war and freedom – a journey from terror to hope. The past and present collide as a world-renowned historian confronts a history he has refused to study: his own. Gabor Boritt is an expert on Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. Fifty years after fleeing a continent ravaged by the terror of Hitler and Stalin, Gabor reluctantly returns to his native Budapest. Urged by his son, he faces the harsh history of his Jewish-Hungarian childhood: the Nazi invasion, the Holocaust, Allied bombing raids, Soviet tyranny, the 1956 Revolution and his escape to America. From the streets of Budapest to the fields of Gettysburg, Gabor discovers the intimate and epic history that transformed him into a great scholar of Lincoln, the Civil War and American democracy. Available on DVD at    

Beyond Gettysburg: Adams County USA (2002)- Excerpt: Two RIver Falling Mary Jemison WITF logo


Young Mary Jemison and her family came to America from Ireland to build a new life. Caught in the midst of the French and Indian War, her family is captured in the South Moutains in 1756. As Mary later recounted, "On our march an Indian went behind us with a whip. He frequently lashed the children to make them keep up. We traveled 'til dark without a mouthful of food or a drop of water. Whenever the little children cried for water, the Indians would make them drink urine or go thirsty." Days later her family was scalped. Mary Jemison would spend the rest of her life with the Seneca people. A film presented by The Adams County Historical Society and Adams Community Television. Produced by Debra Sandoe McCauslin; Produced and Directed by Jake Boritt. Broadcast regionally on public television by WITF.


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    Filmmaker Jake Boritt's latest project is "The Gettysburg Story" documentary to be broadcast on public television in Spring 2013. In 2010 he wrote and produced the "The Gettysburg Story: Battlefield Auto Tour" performed by actor Stephen Lang (Avatar). It is now the bestselling audio tour at the Gettysburg Battlefield. In 2010 his film "759: Boy Scouts of Harlem" was broadcast nationally on public television via MPT. The New York Daily News gave it "Three Stars" calling the film "subtle and uplifting." The Boston Globe called it a "genial documentary..." saying "Boritt and (co-director Justin) Szlasa have talent." The film premiered at the Schomburg Center for Black History in Harlem and screened on the USS Intrepid and in the United States Capitol sponsored by Senators Skelton and Sessions. Boritt's short documentary for the United Nations and Project Gaia followed Somali refugees in Ethiopia's Ogaden Desert and the Clean Cook revolution. This project, "Cooking to Live," featured music by hip-hop artist K'Naan and in 2009 it premiered at COP15: United Nations Conference on Climate Change. Boritt also produced several short films for the United Nations Development Program: South South Cooperation featuring actor Danny Glover. Boritt's 2007 film "Budapest to Gettysburg" explored the story of his father Professor Gabor Boritt, a world renowned Lincoln and Civil War scholar who returned to Hungary to find his roots in the tyranny of Hitler and Stalin. "Budapest to Gettysburg" was selected for the 2007 IFP Independent Film Week in New York and screened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival, and was finalist for the documentary series POV.
In 2003 Boritt shot and produced an anthropological documentary with a tribe in Borneo called "The Internet and the Water Buffalo" exploring the effects of a satellite internet connection in a remote indigenous village in the interior jungle highlands. It screened at American Anthropological Association. Jake was Associate Producer on Rory Kennedy's Moxie-Firecracker production "The Homestead Strike", part of the Emmy winning History Channel series "10 Days That Changed America." Boritt worked with Sarah Teale on productions for HBO, A&E, AMC and CourtTV and on David Grubin's "Young Doctor Freud" and "Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm" (PBS). Ken Burns called Boritt's first documentary "Adams County USA" (WITF) “a really good film.” Boritt has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in Vanity Fair and Newsweek. He has helped guide the President of the United States on the Gettysburg battlefield. Boritt graduated from Johns Hopkins University where he studied under multi-National Book Award nominee Stephen Dixon. Boritt was raised on a Civil War farm in Gettysburg that served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and a Confederate Hospital during the battle. Learn more at